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Boost your gym's revenue and add new clients from local organizations partnered with PivotPass.

What members are saying

I love that it's an app. Makes it super easy.
With so many options available, I don't have to plan that aspect of my life.
This is the best way to sign up for classes!

Why PivotPass?

PivotPass adds net new revenue and clients to our partner gyms by becoming an employee benefit at local organizations. With PivotPass, these employees can now utilize their employer fitness subsidies at any of our partner gyms, instead of being tied to traditional, big box gyms. We maximize employee engagement with PivotPass by conducting corporate challenges and other activities.

Your Gym’s Success Matters

PivotPass began with a simple idea to share the diverse, high-quality services of specialty gyms, like yours, with more people. The mission of specialty gyms’ is closely aligned with ours -- we believe that when people are their healthiest selves, they can live their most fulfilling lives. As competition for market share is increasingly fierce, specialty gyms need access to the best tools to grow in the face of all of these challenges. Let us help your gym continue to thrive!

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