The 3 Pillars of Job Fulfillment Wellness

January 02 2019

By Steve Perkins, Founder & CEO Greenhouse Culture

You might feel a lack of fulfillment in your work. Or a lack of purpose. Or maybe even the sense that you have more to give and could make a greater impact somehow.

I felt that way for 12 years, until I finally realized why…

Or maybe you’ve been experiencing burnout in your work. Working harder, yet seemingly moving backward. You want to grow and fix some of these things, but you just don’t clearly know what you’re good at and what you love to do. You’re not quite sure what your unique value is. What it is you specifically bring to the table…

Your Sweetspot.

Part of the ‘wellness’ equation is understanding how you’re wired, and aligning your work with that purpose. But the problem is that we’re often encouraged to spend our extra time and energy on improving what we’re not good at. What we don’t naturally enjoy. Things outside that wiring, purpose, Sweetspot.

For example, let’s say there’s an abilities spectrum from -10 to 10, and 0 is average. You probably have some things you’re average at (so, zero). Some things you’re not good at (let’s say -5’s). And some things you’re naturally good at (let’s say positive 5’s)…

Most workplace and societal structures would tell you to do your life, do your work, and spend the margins trying to turn your negative 5’s into positive 5’s. Very very difficult, probably not sustainable, and probably not enjoyable but… sure. We accept it as status quo and fall in line, because well rounded is good, right?

The problem is, this equation just brings you to average, at best! Imagine if, instead, you spent all your extra energy turning your positive 5’s into 10’s!!! And then just do enough on the -5’s to prevent them from detracting.

Imagine how much of a bigger difference you would make! How much more you’d enjoy your work! How much more fun everyone would have!

Of course, this approach requires clarity about your Sweetspot, so here’s the 3 pillars that you need to think through:

Passions: These are the things that give you energy. The causes you stand for. The things you really enjoy. Think about questions like, what do you lose track of time doing? What topics cause you to lean in or pound your fists on the table? What breaks your heart?

Strengths: These are the things that you’re just plain naturally good at. You can do it in your sleep. You usually excel at? Think about what do people come to you for? What did you play as a kid? What comes easily to you, even if you don’t really enjoy it?

Needs: These are the things that you need in a job role/environment to thrive. To bring out your best. And also the things your job/organization/marketplace requires of you. Think about what are your personal core values? What are the elements of a great day you had? What does success look like in your role?

As you’re thinking about these things, talk to people in your life and work. Bounce it off them. The water we swim in (our own wiring) is so familiar to us, that we need perspectives from other people. They can often see us more clearly than ourselves.

And if your team wants to figure out how each person can make their maximum contribution and collaborate better, this is a great way to approach professional and team development, and Greenhouse has a workshop just for that!


About Greenhouse Culture:

Greenhouse Culture helps people who want fulfilling work, identify their sweet spot and make a greater impact, using the Career Sweetspot process. Think about it: many people feel stuck in their career, not sure how to grow. Unclear what their unique point of contribution is. And many organizations aren’t sure how to create a culture where people do their best work and love Monday mornings. The Sweetspot process helps you clarify your unique value, create a system for automatic growth, and turn wasted energy into living your full potential.

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