Tips for a Mindful Holiday

November 20 2018

Tips for a Mindful Holiday

A letter from Corporate Wellness Executive, Sara Pomeroy:

As joyful as Holidays can be, they can also be a big source of stress! Between packing, driving in traffic and some of us not having the best relationship with family, we can get stressed before we even leave! Not to mention that it takes us from our daily routine, from our gym classes, our meal planning and that can wreak havoc on our health.

Here are some tips from me to you on how you can stay mentally, emotionally and physically healthy during the Thanksgiving Holiday

  1. SCHEDULE: If you love your Barre classes, your Cycle or Yoga routine, I guarantee you there is a studio wherever you are going. Do some research, find a class near you and commit to going! It will give you a much needed breather and your body will thank you!
  2. WATER BOTTLE: Bring your favorite water bottle along with you and keep it by your side! Water can make SUCH a big difference and is a HUGE aid in digestion and keeping hunger at bay. Fill that sucker up and keep on drinking! You can even set a timer on your phone to remind you to fill up your bottle throughout the day!
  3. SUPPLEMENTS: Every little thing counts when it comes to staying healthy. Taking your daily multivitamin along with any other supplements you normally take will make a difference so don’t forget to pack them.
  4. SNACKS: When it comes to food, it is not just the Thanksgiving Dinner you have to be mindful of, but all the meals that you will be having while away or at home hosting family. If you know you are going somewhere where healthy foods will be minimal, do NOT be ashamed or timid about bringing along your favorite health bars and snacks (my favorite are apples with Almond Butter). Staying nourished throughout the day with foods your body is familiar with will make the extra treats feel like an actual treat and you won’t be overwhelming your body with too many unhealthy foods all at once.
  5. PLAN YOUR PLATE: It is time for the BIG meal! Woot! Before you make a B-Line for those Marshmallow topped Sweet Potatoes, fill up your plate with as many greens as possible and get to the other foods last. There will be less room for them on your plate and you will get full on the good stuff! If there is still room in your stomach for more, than go back for the Mac N Cheese and practice mindfully eating with your stomach, not your eyes 🙂
  6. WORDS: Our words can lift us up and tear us down in a split second. Family can bring out the best and the worst in us and our relationships directly affect our health. Set your mind now to speak positively, to not assume, to NOT take things personally and to let those negative words roll right off your shoulder.
  7. SLEEP: When you are not in your own bed it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep, but sleep is SO important for your overall health. So let’s make it the best it can possibly be by keeping as close as you can to your routine! That could include bringing your eye mask, washing your face before bed, or downloading an app called “White Noise” that drowns out the late night laughter and TV coming from the other room. If you prepare ahead of time it is possible!
  8. HYDRATE: This is so important, I am mentioning it twice. Holidays usually mean the wine flows early and it flows freely! Make a commitment to hydrate between glasses with a big glass of water, and to commit to no more than 3 for the day.
  9. BOUNDARIES: Like I said, for so many, family can cause significant amounts of stress on you and it is always good to set boundaries ahead of time and to stand by them. If you feel like you need to step away from a hard conversation, give yourself permission to do so. Find a place you can go (maybe it’s even the bathroom) where you can take a few minutes to breathe. Take in a few VERY deep, long breaths and let them out slowly. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Give yourself a pep talk and then get back out there. Rinse and repeat as needed.
  10. MOVE:  Be sure to pack comfortable shoes and try to find ways to get up off the couch and move. If it is snowing outside, bundle up for a brisk walk, walk up and down the stairs at the house or find a quiet room to just stretch, do a few squats or yoga moves, whatever feels good for your body!

Overall, just enjoy the holiday! Don’t be hard on yourself for enjoying that slice of pie and simply listen to your body!

Happy Thanksgiving from the PivotPass family to yours.

About Sara: As the PivotPass Corporate Wellness Executive, Sara helps companies and their employees discover the wellness program that works best for them. When she’s not working, Sara loves a good yoga, barre or cycle class. She also runs the instagram and blog PaleoRVA (@paleo_rva ) where she shares daily recipes, wellness tips from her Paleo lifestyle.