Rain or Shine: Looking back at our 2nd Warrior Workout Club

September 10 2018

The rain couldn’t keep us from getting our sweat on! We hosted our second Warrior Workout Club event on Sunday September 9th in Byrd Park.

HIIT Warrior Workout Club

Group waiting for HIIT workout to start

“It seems like the first step to doing a warrior workout is to brave extreme weather,” said co-founder April Palmer.  “From the moment people started to filter in through the rain and drizzle, their sunny smiles lit up the square.”





HIIT Warrior Workout Club

Erica had the crowd moving all around the park.

Erica from Endorphasm had all of us sweating as she lead a HIIT workout in the grass and on the stairs.







HIIT Warrior Workout Club

Erica from Endorphasm leading the HIIT workout

“Erica is one of my all-time favorite people,” said Palmer.  “She not only demands that you push your limits, she makes you want to move faster and work harder to meet her expectations. Watching a new group experience this unique workout environment was so exciting, because it’s truly attitude changing to workout with Erica.”

Over 25 people conquered the workout and were rewarded afterward with treats from Health Warrior and Ginger Juice.


Health Warrior launched their new plant based protein powder in August and brought some of their favorite recipes for people to try. Their energy balls were a huge hit as were the protein smoothies from Ginger Juice.

HIIT Warrior Workout Club Partners

Health Warrior, PivotPass, Ginger Juice and Endorphasm