The Martin Agency joins PivotPass as latest Richmond employee wellness partner

August 30 2018

Since the 1960’s The Martin Agency has been redefining the advertising industry, leading local and national campaigns to success. Now, The Martin Agency is joining with PivotPass to redefine their employee wellness program.

Founders at The Martin Agency

PivotPass co-founders Brig Leland (left) and April Palmer (right) outside of The Martin Agency.

“Our entire team is beyond thrilled to have launched in Richmond through our partnership with a local landmark”, said co-founder Brig Leland.

In fact, The Martin Agency was one of the first companies PivotPass connected with when relocating to Richmond.

“The Martin Agency is one of the quintessential Richmond companies,” said co-founder April Palmer.  “We immediately reached out to them to understand what drives their success as a leading employer in the RVA community.”

This partnership highlights how PivotPass can accommodate existing employee wellness programs. The Martin Agency already offers gym discounts, coordinates special classes with local boutique gyms and conducts an annual wellness fair. By partnering with PivotPass, The Martin Agency is expanding their employee wellness program with benefits that employees can’t receive elsewhere without adding the administrative burdens that would come along with doing so.

The Martin Agency

The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va

“The Martin Agency is so invested in helping to make Richmond a great place to live and work, and investing back into our community,” said Palmer. “So the Martin team was really excited to see unique wellness offerings that can engage employees across many diverse industries and job titles.”

After a late August launch, The Martin Agency is gearing up for a September steps challenge. They are looking forward to planning additional employee wellness programming such as health eating, on site challenges and others. 

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