PivotPass goes nationwide with Apex Clean Energy

August 14 2018

PivotPass is excited to partner with Apex employees nationwide

PivotPass is very excited to announce its new nationwide employee wellness partnership with Apex Clean Energy!

So how does a local startup take on a challenge like that?

“The combination of great people and cutting-edge technology,” says co-founder Brig Leland. “We have hired experts in their respective fields who are just as passionate to promote wellness as I am.”

Apex Clean Energy has been a long time supporter


Apex was an early adopter of PivotPass, signing on in January to give their Charlottesville employees access to the gym network.

“We initially partnered with Apex to help kick off New Year’s Resolutions for employees,” said co-founder April Palmer.

As the company continued to grow, so did Apex’s interest in expanding their employee wellness offerings. Apex jumped at the opportunity when PivotPass announced the new mobile app and Wellness Savings Account prepaid debit card.

In July, PivotPass expanded its partnership to include all employees, including those in Texas, Minnesota and New York.

“You created a solution that truly fit our team’s needs. We asked and you delivered!” said Apex human resources associate Ali Tankiewicz. ”To be able to provide a wellness benefit to our entire team, near and far, has helped us elevate the participation rate from 45% to 75% in just the past few months of working with PivotPass.”

New App and Wellness Savings Account (WSA)


The PivotPass app integrates with fitness trackers and health apps to provide an all in one wellness platform. The social features also allow employees to connect with each other no matter their physical location. The app will be how employees participate in company-wide challenges.

Employees across the country also have access to a Wellness Savings Account (WSA) prepaid debit card. This card makes it easy for Apex to manage its fitness subsidy and can be used at any gym or fitness studio.

Taking Employee Wellness Nationwide


“Our mission is to help make wellness accessible to everyone, and we truly believe that the best workout for everyone is the one that they will do,” said Palmer. “To be able to utilize our community fitness app and WSA to support the fitness passions of people across the nation is the embodiment of what we work towards every day.”

Like many companies, Apex struggled with connecting employees who are scattered in different states. Most wellness programs only address those who are in the office everyday, but that’s not how the modern workforce operates. PivotPass designed a program that can work for anyone in the company.

“Whether our employees live in Charlottesville, live remotely, or travel extensively, PivotPass has created something that everyone can use,” said Tankiewicz.

“Our close partnership with Apex allows us to really dive into the employee engagement side of our business,” said Palmer. “I can’t wait for their first challenge – you can bet that I’ll be competing and talking smack right alongside their team in our community forums!”

Apex’s first company-wide challenge will start in September. Employees will compete based on minutes of activity. This means that no matter how you like to workout, (walking, running, yoga, cycle crossfit, etc.) you can compete fairly against your coworkers.

PivotPass is just as thrilled as Apex about this partnership. Our team loves that Ali is a cheerleader for employee wellness and is willing to collaborate to try new things.

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