Our First Warrior Workout Club with Health Warrior Superfoods

June 25 2018

Wow! We are blown away by the support at our First Warrior Workout Club on Sunday! PivotPass partnered with our friends at Health Warrior Superfoods to host a free yoga workout in Byrd Park at the Carillon.

Anne teaching yoga

Anne from Humble Haven Yoga teaching first Warrior Workout Club

Over 60 people showed up to get their flow on with Anne from Humble Haven Yoga. It was hot, but it was so worth it.

Co-founders at WWC Yoga

PivotPass Co-founders April Palmer (left) and Brig Leland (right)

“Who knew that we could offer hot yoga without a heated studio,” joked PivotPass co-founder April Palmer. “In all seriousness, I was so impressed by how many people came out, stretched their boundaries, and filled the square with laughter.

A few months ago, Health Warrior approached us about being a Richmond partner for their nationwide campaign. They had the food we had the workout, it was a perfect combination.

Humble Haven Yoga was an obvious choice for the first class because they are great partners of both PivotPass and Health Warrior.






Yoga at the Carillon

Warrior Workout Club free yoga class

“While the goal was to get in a good workout and find our zen place, the relaxed atmosphere made it okay to laugh at ourselves when we fell out of tree pose or collapsed into a puddle of chaturanga sweat,” said Palmer. “On the other hand, I was able to watch very experienced yogis sink into their practice and walk away with that post yoga glow!”

If you’re in the Richmond Area, come by for our next Warrior Workout Club on Sunday September 9th.