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Pivot offers on-demand fitness classes at the best gyms without prepaid or recurring fees.

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Why Pivot?

Multi-gym Access

Hundreds of classes per week at gyms across Charlottesville.

Pay Less

Exclusive pricing that decreases the more you workout.

Achieve Goals

Workout when, where, and how you want without the boundaries of a typical gym membership.

How it works


  1. book a class whenever you’d like
  2. pay for the classes you attended at the end of the month
  3. earn points for working out and choose the reward you’d want
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Member Testimonials

Perfect for Any Lifestyle

  • Noncommittal

    Corporate Executive

    Ashleigh travels a lot for work and for pleasure. Committing to a recurring monthly membership or a class pack that expires doesn’t make sense for her lifestyle. Ashleigh uses ClassPass when she travels and Pivot when she’s home. it. Ashleigh loves having the flexibility to work out on her own terms.

  • Likes Variety

    Young Professional

    Jenn likes to connect socially while working out, and likes to attend different gyms depending on who she’s meeting with. Jenn uses Pivot to attend many different gyms without having to purchase a monthly membership or class pack. She enjoys being able to easily book classes from one “live” schedule, as well as receiving great pricing and rewards with her Pivot membership.

  • Adventurous

    Mother and Small Business Owner

    Cheryl gets bored with her normal gym routine and likes to change it up on occasion. She has an existing gym membership to one of the gyms in the Pivot network, and uses Pivot to try new gyms and classes across Charlottesville. Cheryl loves being able to easily drop in for a class whenever and wherever with her Pivot membership.

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Large cities have multi-gym memberships, like ClassPass. Charlottesville has Pivot!