Unlimited Monthly Passes

Our Pivot Corporate Wellness partners are eligible to purchase unlimited monthly memberships to gyms in their area. You can become a Pivot Corporate Wellness partner by getting your employer to sign up to our Corporate Wellness program.

Unlimited Pass for Bend Yoga

At bend, we focus on supporting women during their child bearing years through pre and post natal yoga, educational offerings, and supportive services. Our prenatal classes focus on helping women feel physically better throughout pregnancy, prepare for delivery, and build a community for those who attend. Our post natal classes emphasize helping mamas feel stronger and help address any physical issues they may have after pregnancy and delivery. Most of our instructors have babies of their own, and/or attend births with our clients and are able to provide guidance on the delivery process. We also offer classes for expectant couples to help them understand what to expect during labor, and how partners can be active and supportive during the process. Classes include Adult, Couples, and Adult+Child.

Unlimited Pass for Hot Yoga Charlottesville

BE A PART OF A COMMUNITY THAT BELIEVES IN THE POWER OF YOU. We welcome you to our vibrant yoga community located in Downtown Charlottesville. Our cutting-edge facility, accessible classes, and experienced instructors will make you feel welcomed and energized no matter your experience level or body type. Yoga is for everyone, and we can’t wait for you to join us.