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I love that it's an app. Makes it super easy.
Richmond, VA
With so many options available, I don't have to plan that aspect of my life.
Charlottesville, VA
This is the best way to sign up for classes!
Charlottesville, VA

Why PivotPass?

PivotPass is revolutionizing how wellness is achieved by your employees. By offering more choices and flexibility without the normal constraints of a gym membership, PivotPass makes fitness more attractive to everyone in your workforce. PivotPass maximizes employee engagement and captures this data to maximize your savings in healthcare costs and federal tax liability!

Employee Wellness Matters

Fitness is the most popular wellness benefit, outside of health insurance, offered by employers. However, unlike health insurance, the majority of employees are not utilizing the benefits available to them. Upgrading your wellness program will attract, engage, and retain top employee talent regardless of your company’s business sector or size, while also reducing your organization’s healthcare costs and federal tax liability.

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